Dated from about 4000 BC, windows have always played an important role in the mankind history

At first only used as an ornamental part of our homes, they have become more and more important, becoming the "eyes of our homes."

When we look through the windows, we view at the nature and the environment that surrounds us.

Today they have a defining impact and contribution to the architectural design of houses and
buildings, by using large windows and pitches.

Because of today's high standards, as, for example, comfort, energy savings, economic costs and prestige, PVC windows have become an important and fundamental construction element, reaching the highest advantages on a functional level

- Equipped with a suitable glazing, you can save up to 75% of your heating energy.
Also, on warmer seasons, you will obtain considerable savings in energy consumption of your Air Conditioners

- With special acoustic glazing, PVC windows obtains minimum values ​​of up to 60 dBA and contributes to a higher comfort and relaxation

- Due to the low thermal conductivity PVC elements offers heat insulation up to 1.000 higher than other materials used in the manufacture of windows.



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